Sri Brilliant Techno High School

Pre Primary School

Creating the new generation with brilliance in playway method

Our Philosophy

We believe in a child-centered approach to education, where each child's individual needs, interests, and abilities are recognized and valued. Our curriculum is designed to foster creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning, laying the foundation for future academic success and lifelong learning.

Pre Primary School

Our Programs

Playgroup (Ages 2-3)

Our playgroup program focuses on developing social skills, independence, and language development through play-based activities and exploration.

Nursery (Ages 3-4)

In the nursery program, children continue to explore and learn through hands-on activities, stories, music, and art, preparing them for more structured learning experiences.

Kindergarten (Ages 4-5)

Our kindergarten program provides a balance of structured learning activities and play, with a focus on early literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional development, getting children ready for primary school.

Sri Brilliant Techno High School

Our Approch

Play-Based Learning: We believe that play is the primary way children learn and make sense of the world around them. Our classrooms are filled with age-appropriate toys, games, and materials that encourage imaginative play and exploration.

Individualized Attention: Our small class sizes allow our experienced teachers to provide individualized attention to each child, recognizing their strengths and areas for growth.

Holistic Development: We focus on the development of the whole child, including their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Our curriculum includes a variety of activities and experiences to support each aspect of a child’s growth.

Pre Primary School


Spacious Classrooms

Our bright and colorful classrooms are designed to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment for young learners.

Outdoor Play Area

 We have a safe and secure outdoor play area where children can run, climb, and explore nature, promoting physical development and gross motor skills.

Library Corner

Our school library corner is stocked with a wide selection of age-appropriate books, fostering a love for reading and language development.

Parent Involvement

We believe that parents are partners in their child's education. We encourage open communication and collaboration between parents and teachers, offering regular updates on their child's progress

Sri Brilliant Techno School 

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If you’re interested in enrolling your child at Bright Beginnings Pre-Primary School, we invite you to schedule a tour of our facilities and meet with our staff. We look forward to welcoming your family into our community!

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